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Miguel Aguilar | Surfish Bistro

Miguel Aguilar is the Executive Chef and Owner of Surfish Bistro in Brooklyn, New York. Trained by Iron Chef Bobby Flay, Chef Miguel developed a passion for the gourmet cuisine of his native Peru. Born in Lima to a family of exceptional cooks – it is no surprise that he brings the passion, innovation, and artistry of his heritage to his cooking.

Jose Luis Chavez | Mission Ceviche

Since his childhood, Chef Jose Luis Chavez has had an almost insatiable desire for adventure and vigor for life. After graduating from high school, he made a few attempts at pursuing university, but ultimately required a different pace that led him to the culinary world. It was at a restaurant in Merida, Venezuela, where he was raised high in the Andes, that he first made his way into a kitchen.

Lucero Villagarcia

Lucero Villagarcia is a world recognized Pisco Sommelier and the author of “The Magic of Pisco” (2014) and “A Guide on Pisco”(2018). Her books have been presented in several cities across Peru as well as in Paris and Washington D.C. In 2015, she received an award for “The Magic of Pisco” by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, an international event that congregates participants from all over the world and is considered to be the Oscar’s of the food and drinks industry.


Manuel Santisteban | Pollo D’ Oro

Chef Manuel Santisteban opened Pollo D’ Oro to develop a cuisine that would emphasize Peruvian ingredients and traditional techniques to transform them into today’s context. The result epitomizes the melting pot of Peru’s sophisticated confluence of culinary cultures from a chef at the top of his game. This is the sort of Peruvian restaurant you can travel across New York to enjoy, or return to time and again.

Belen Bailey | Sweets by Belen

Belen Bailey has grown up in a gourmet universe of sweet cookery in Lima, Peru. Growing up surrounded by abundant natural produce and the apron strings of her grandmother in the kitchen, she developed a love for desserts that would come and define her career. At Sweets by Belen, the pastry maker has taken her passion and has coined her style of pastry, which focuses on highlighting the essential flavors of Peruvian sweets.

Guillermo Wong | La Mixtura de Wong

Chef Guillermo Wong's La Mixtura de Wong is a colourful journey through an intense culinary intercultural exchange. From a complex history called Peru; and another, equally complex, far-off and foreign history called China, that merged to live in harmony and create and exotic and exquisite third culinary reality: Chifa Cuisine.


Milagros Amado | Mili’s Bakery

Pastry Chef Milagros Amado has adopted a viewpoint that Peruvian desserts should pay homage to Peru’s produce and tradition. Her craft serve both sweet and savory items with pastries reigning supreme. Amado now deploys creations that take simple ingredients and highlights their flavours, striving to find a pure way to express their natural qualities.

Andres Placencia | Costanera Restaurant

With a deep love of authentic Peruvian cuisine cultivated at an early age, Juan Andres Placencia offers his Costanera guests in Montclair, New Jersey an authentic, but refreshingly new take on one of the world’s most distinctive and revered cuisines.

Michael Ciuffardi | Inca Social

Michael Ciuffardi Macky is a young talented chef that brings a cuisine that has a taste of many of the things that make Peruvian food so unique; fresh, authentic and brimming with flavour.


Luis Caballero | Caleta 111

The culinary narrative of Chef Luis Caballero is based on creations that draw on Peruvian ingredients, tradition and global influence. Technique, originality and an obsession with Peruvian flavour are the cornerstones at his new restaurant Caleta 111. His philosophy is simple – take what the season offers, combine the unexpected, don’t be afraid to take risks.

Bell Ruiz | La Kocona Restaurant

Bell Ruiz is a Peruvian chef who has worked all her life to highlight the foods of the Amazon jungle. Chef Ruiz explores her country’s biodiversity and natural resources to create traditional dishes that enliven an impressive signature cuisine.

Ezequiel Valencia | Bravazo Restaurant

Through his personal interpretations of ingredients and flavour combinations, Chef Ezequiel Valencia has forged a style of his own. He has absorbed his Peruvian cultural heritage and that of the chefs with whom he trained, and now follows his intuition as he draws on the local Peruvian culinary scene in New York.


Miguel Quinteros

The trajectory of Chef Miguel Quinteros is a story cooked with honesty, creativity, and effort. Brought up with the kitchen at the heart of his home, he is committed to giving guests the same homely experience at his restaurant. He crafts a deep-rooted Peruvian cuisine that pays homage to the pleasure of identity, home cooking, and his origins.


Fabian Marquez | Latusion Food Truck

Chef Fabian Marquez’s food truck from Port Chester, New York is bringing new creative dishes to fill your palate with exploding Peruvian flavors. Chef Fabian is an experienced and creative young man who is not afraid to try new things. His goal: that the food he serves meets the highest standards of quality.


Mickey Zacarias | Valentino’s

Chef Mickey Zacarias’ Valentino’s restaurant is a much-loved institution in Bay Shore, New York. He creates dishes that take diners on an odyssey through Peru’s rich Andean culinary heritage. What's the chef's ethos? A keen supporter of Peruvian Andean Cuisine, Chef Zacarias is a passionate advocate of local sourcing and traditional styles of cooking.